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There exists a most curious and powerful race in the world of Ospes, able to manipulate and alter matter itself.

Their numbers are few, and from the beginning they have lived as outcasts, perceived as a threat to the world and every living thing in it.

They are called Theolar.

Thymetians, the most dominant race on Ospes, have done all that they can to suppress the Theolar. For they, more than any, are afraid of them.

Most Theolar are content to live in hiding and have abandoned the use of their abilities in hopes they would be forgotten. But among them there is a small group, known as the
Andurim, who are unwilling to give up that part of themselves.

Their sole purpose is to provide the Thymetians and the rest of the world with a glimpse of their greatness, now long overshadowed by what else they are capable of...

Thank you for taking enough interest in this project to view the thread. This project is a fulfillment of a childhood dream and it is very dear to me. I do hope you enjoy it.
If you play it through to completion, I promise you that you will see a few things that have never been done before in Rpg Maker Vx.

In the interest of quality, I encourage everyone who plays the game to leave feedback, comments, advice, or any questions if you have them.


- In-depth story, both serious and humorous

- ATB Tankentai Battle System

- Customize battle difficulty from the menu

- Hundreds of unique skills including many with complex common events

- A large, lag-free world map to explore

- Challenging dungeons with varied and original puzzles like you've never seen in RPG Maker VX before

- A huge number of mini-games, including gambling, accuracy, speed, timing, strategy, and more.

- Optional puzzle-filled ruins with plenty of rewards

- 99 hidden relics to find and trade in the world

- Original and addictive lockpicking event system

- Some dungeons involve sneaking past guards and enemies

- Optional Quests/Hunts similar to Phantasy Star 4/Final Fantasy XII

- Fully functional battle arena

- A complex evented world mini-map with 3 different zoom perspectives

Some of the mini-games you will encounter during your travels:

(Screenshots for these are provided below)

- A whack-a-mole type game
- A fishing minigame based off a combination of the Fable 1 fishing system and the Guardian Force Boost system of FF8
- A dodging minigame
- My complex lockpicking system
- A 3-Card Monty style game, but with 10 rabbits instead
- A shooting gallery game, similar to the one found in Alundra
- A blacksmithing minigame involving timing
- A Slide puzzle w/ multiple images (I count it as a puzzle and a minigame). See screenshots below.
- A shooting/defense game where you must keep monsters at bay
- A single player memory card game with a unique twist
- A fast-paced meteor dodging game

What users from rpgmaker.net have said...

"I've finished the game, and I have to say that I really enjoyed myself. I don't always keep the games, but this one is a must.
Thanks for all your hard work." - littlebro

"All in all, you have certainly set a standard for vx games. I can't think of one that actually gripped me, and especially like this one did.
At any rate, I'm just saying I loved the game. I can tell it had a huge amount of work placed into it." - demonlord5000

What users from rpgmakervx.net have said...

"Whoa. This game is amazing. I can't recall the last time I enjoyed a game, commercial or otherwise, this much. You've managed to create a world that pulls the player in,
makes him identify with teh characters and feel for them. A world that feels alive with lore and history. Every time I found one of the Nayrin relics...
I really felt I was discovering bits and pieces of an ancient civilization, scattered all over the world." - Jeffrey

If anyone wants to play arguably one of the best all around put-together RPGs available to RPG Maker VX, this is hereby on your must-do list.
- goldenguy

"I will say that I liked the message and it was a brilliant adventure while it lasted. The plot was tight, the characters convincing and the puzzles
were the best I've seen aside from Alundra. If you ever manifest another spectacular game, I'll be looking forward to it." - tom11

"Firstly you have a great imagination and a flair for writing, your game really drew me in and was a real "key-presser" right up until the final
scenes. Your game was also very well balanced in terms of available money, EXP, etc. The inclusion of your excellent (occasionally challenging)
puzzles and mini-games help to distract the player along the way. Also quite importantly the game runs practically bug free..." - matt-tribal

"Bloody fantastic RPG. Minigames, optional quests, math puzzles. Love it all." - vitrous

"...there's so much that can be done, and the story and adventure just keep taking new turns and twists...It's been a long time since I've played a
game that I have a hard time "setting down" after 2-3 hours, but this is doing that." - goldenguy

"...a brilliant game, you have clearly put a lot of thought into creating the world of Ospes and especially into its characters. I definitely
appreciate the humorous dialogue too." - matt-tribal

Mr. Bubble
Moon Man
Mr. Anonymous
Modern Algebra
KGC Library
Mac Malone (Dr. ?)


Sprites and Graphics:
Razavan Sedekiah
Final Fantasy (Square Enix)
Ragnarok Online


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